On the 8th of March, it was International Women’s Day. We are still in the spirit and we want to celebrate women all over the world. We are grateful for the women before us who paved the way, so that we have a path to follow, we are grateful for the women now, who fight to make that path smoother and make our voices heard. We urge you to be continue to Be bold for Change. Starting a business can be an uphill task and the importance of wise counsel can never be overemphasized, so we decided to share what a few Female Fore runners consider the best advice, they have ever received. Ozoz Sokoh, Blogger - Kitchen Butterfly “Don't be afraid to ask for what you want.” Don't be afraid to ask for what you want. Before you ask, you already have a (banked) no. When you ask, you have the potential to change that to a No or a Yes and that's a 50% more chance than you had before. So tremble if you must, but ask. Whatever it is...”

Ozoz Sokoh audeo

Sheryl Sandberg, COO, Facebook “Seize incredible opportunities that come your way.” The best advice I ever received was from Eric Schmidt, when he was Google’s CEO and I was thinking about not taking the offer from Google. He told me that when picking a job, only one criterion mattered: fast growth. He said, ‘If you’re offered a seat on a rocket ship, you don’t ask what seat. You just get on.” Diane Bryant, Senior vice president and GM, Data Center Group, Intel “There is value in expanding and rounding out your expertise and skill set." "The better you understand your customer, the higher the probability of success," she says. "As CIO, I was tasked with translating Intel's products and technologies into business and productivity benefits--top-line and bottom-line results for the corporation. Now I know firsthand what works and what doesn't." Allison Page, Co-founder and head of product of SevenRooms “There is no substitute for hard work.” "I learned the most valuable business lessons on the field as an athlete. There is so much you can learn from being a part of a team, and working towards your goals, both together and individually. The advice can really be summed up in two words: Work hard. "I picked up early on that nothing will make up for the hours you spend hustling and working towards your goals — whether it's as an athlete on the field, or as an entrepreneur building a business. Nothing comes easy in business or in life, and you have to work for it every day." Yewande Akomolafe, Head, Social Media and Community Management, Chocolate City “Put one foot in front of the other when you feel overwhelmed.” "The most valuable lesson that I find myself referencing now and again is to put one foot in front of the other when you feel overwhelmed. Life can get so busy and everything can seem so much. It is important, to just put one foot in front of the other and carry on.
Yewande Akomolafe

Yewande Akomolafe

Melinda Emerson, founder and CEO, Quintessence Group "Always know your next hire." There are countless risks associated with being a small-business owner, and one of the biggest is staffing. "Nobody is going to love your business as much as you do, so you have to protect it," says Melinda Emerson, who proffers advice of her own under the moniker SmallBizLady. She credits this wisdom to a mentor, Wanda Alexander, who warned her that people will quit with no notice on the worst day possible--so long as it's advantageous for them. Emerson's advice? "Keep in touch with people you didn't hire but you really liked; you never know when you might need to call upon them to help you out." Tara Gentile, Entrepreneur and Prolific Business Strategist “Know your customers inside-out.” “I’ve learned to really think about who I actually want to sell to, instead of some generalization or profile of who might buy from me. Every time I’ve named individual people and created content with them in mind, those people have actually worked with me. No solicitation, just genuine connection by tailor-making what works best for them. Of course, I’ve also met many other amazing people who needed the same things.” Jennifer Openshaw, President of Finect and a columnist for The Wall Street Journal, Add walking breaks to your day. This piece of advice was gotten from Husein Enan, CEO of Insweb. "Be sure you take time for walks." When her company, Women's Financial Network, was facing severe difficulties, she remembered Enan's bit of advice. By regularly removing herself from the office, she could relax her mind and eventually determined how to save her business during one of these reflective strolls. Abimbola Bamigboye, Founder/CEO of Audeo “The Devil is in the Details” I received this advice from Mrs Nike Ogunlesi, Founder of Ruff n Tumble while working with the company as a shop floor manager over 10 years ago.  It is so easy to get caught up in the big things forgetting that the big thing is a only a sum of smaller part and it is in those parts that the real work lies. A decade later and it still remains true and is ever at the back of my mind.
Nike Ogunlesi

Nike Ogunlesi

Abimbola Bamigboye

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