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Stress-free management of Tax, Compliance and Payroll in line with Nigerian Regulations

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Navigating Nigerian taxes are a constant source of worry and distraction for Small businesses. We should know!!! We’re here to keep you compliant so you don’t have to worry about the Tax man showing up and placing a big “X” sign on your door. Our Compliance work is all inclusive ensuring that you are A-OK on all fronts. Our processes are integrated making it easy for us to provide full records to the Revenues and Commissions. So the next time the Tax Man shows up at your door, you’ll show him a little sticker that says “this business is LOVED by AUDEO” and he’ll know what that means! Outline of our Tax & Compliance Services 1. Agency Services – We offer professional assistance with:  Registrations with Federal and State Internal Revenue Services  Tax Computation and Filing Services 2. Advisory and Representation Services on a continuing basis – We provide Compliance Assessments, Tax Planning, Compliance Scheduling and other specialized tax services for Small to Medium Scale Enterprises. We offer personalized:  Corporate Tax Services - Value Added Tax Services • Withholding Tax Services - Payroll Support Services • Tax Audit Support Services

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“The first rule of personal finance is that it's not personal and it's not financial. It's about your ability to make ten changes and not get too depressed over it."

James Altucher

Audeo was founded from a young auditor's dream to “provide a simple yet effective solution to all SME problems and build a stronger, more economically viable Africa on the solid base of Small to Medium Scale Enterprises.

The SME Champion & Co (trading as "Audeo") is a multi-disciplinary professional services Firm that provides back – office and decision support services to Startups, Small and Medium Scale Businesses in Nigeria. Using the information obtained through Management Accounting, we are able to proffer initiatives to improve efficiency, reduce costs and wastages, create capabilities and optimize capacity to our clients.

Our vision is to become the to-go firm for back-office and decision support services to start ups and small to medium scale businesses across Africa.

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